Many Ways to Beat Acne Breakouts

herbsAcne is a very common disorder of the skin. It affects people of all ages. Whether you are young or old, you can get acne. However, acne is more common among teenagers. Acne affects everybody, regardless of their gender, rate, or their ethnic background. Geographical location of the individual doesn’t matter either.

The reason why acne is very bothersome is because it affects your face. Our face is very important to us. When you get acne, your looks get affected. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, the person affects by acne starts to think negative or low about themselves. It starts to affect their self-esteem and that’s where the problems start to worsen. There are many ways to cure acne. Some people try home remedies to cure acne and acne scars, while other choose other alternatives.

A major survey was conducted in the United Stated to determine what people who experienced acne felt. The results were troubling. Many people reported that while they were suffering from acne, they were unable to or didn’t want to participate in the social activities. Of course, that was because of low self-esteem.

Like I said before, acne outbreaks are very common among teenagers. Most teenagers go through acne at some point. Some only have it for a little bit, while other have it for longer periods and go right into their teenage years.

If acne doesn’t get away for some time, and goes with you right into your adulthood, it affects individuals even more. It causes people to go to local drugstores and look for cosmetic products to hide the acne marks. Sometimes, these cosmetic products make things even worse as they block the pores and acne prone areas.

Here’s some general information if you are interested in the stats. Mostly, acne starts during your puberty and goes right until you become and adult (or right until your adulthood I shall say). But age doesn’t really matter when it comes to acne. Acne can last for many years longer, depending on the environment and your genetics.

acne-home-remedyAnother interesting fact is that women get affected by acne more than men. Women tend to have more frequent variation in their hormones, which causes more acne breakouts. Mood swings are also knowns to affect whether you will get acne or not.

Statistics show that more than 75% of the adult acne cases are of women. The severity of acne varies quite a bit. Some people have worse breakouts when they are very young, and then it slows down during your twenties. Some have it throughout their life, although in a form that is not very severe.

We see acne on people’s faces very often. But acne isn’t limited to just the face. It can breakout on any other part of the body. Some commonly affected area of our body are your back, neck, arms, and your bum. Regardless of where the outbreak is, you should get the treatment if it is uncomfortable for your.

What causes acne? How does it develop? These are the kind of questions that people ask often. Well, acne is a skin disorder that affects the oil-producing glands of the skin. There are “tiny machineries” right below your skin that produce oil for your skin. The major purpose of this oil is to keep your skin safe and moisturized.

There are many ways to treat acne. If your acne is not severe, you can try home remedies. You can find a lot of home remedies here. Or if they don’t work for you, you can try other solution.

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