List of Top Wrinkle Causes and Cures

It is natural for women to prevent wrinkles in the skin while they’re still young, because wrinkles are part of the aging process. It might be a little sad to think that our skin becomes thinner, drier and less flexible as we age. We also lose the natural ability of renewing the cells and repairing the skin from skin damage as we age.

A more alarming news is that, even young people start to develop wrinkles. This is called premature skin-aging, which is caused by the ever-changing environmental factors, aside from unhealthy eating habits and a stressful lifestyle. There are several causes responsible for premature skin-aging. These are:

  • It decreases the skin’s blood supply, causing it to develop wrinkles prematurely.
  • Facial Expressions. Be more wary about your facial expressions because you might have a bad habit of doing bad facial expressions that cause deep wrinkles to become prominent on your face, esp. when you’re stressed, under pressure, or too serious.
  • Light Complexion. People with lighter complexion should be take extra care and protection of their skin, because they are more prone to sun damage, though this does not exempt those with a darker complexion.
  • Genetic Factors. This also plays an important role in skin-aging. Observe your parents if they are already developing wrinkles at a young age, you are most likely to have them at a young age too.
  • Exposure to UV Rays. Ultra violet rays’ harmful effects cannot be more emphasized. They cause skin damage and deep wrinkles, so make sure you apply sunscreen before going out and avoid exposing yourself to sunlight too often, especially at around 10 A.M. to 3 P.M.

However, the presence of highly-effective creams out on the market is the good news. Lots of women have claimed the effectiveness of facial and anti-aging creams out there. It is no wonder why women think beauty creams are necessary and worth buying, because of the satisfaction they get when they found the most effective product for them. Some even spend a lot though the product is quite expensive.

A good wrinkle cream contains useful and well-known properties that are clinically-proven to be effective on the skin, such as antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E. Some skin experts say that a combination of Vitamin A, C and E gives the most effective antioxidant action. Vitamin C improves the growth of new collagen, while vitamin E creates moisture so that the epidermis does not dry out. Vitamin E also shields the skin from dangerous bacteria.

Syn-ake and Skin Stem Cell serum are also found on most of the wrinkle cream products, and are proven to be very effective. Syn-ake freezes the facial muscles while it lessens the occurrence of contractions. Skin Stem Cell aids a lot in cell renewal, protecting existing healthy cells and reduces the risks of skin damage.

Remember, there are several other ways to lessen your wrinkles or prevent it from getting worse or occurring at a young age, given the several factors mentioned above. It is still important to live a healthy lifestyle, such as developing good emotional and physical habits, and eating a proper diet and natural fruits rich in vitamins and minerals your body needs.

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